METexpo21 Conference and Exhibition

The media industry is a technology business, and we’d like to know where you think the technology is going.  This year’s METexpo 21 has a vital role as the industry kick-starter after the virtual (and real) shutdown of 2020.  METexpo is the TechExpo Conference & Exhibition of  SMPTE’s Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Island Section.  Since 1984 SMPTE has been the trusted event for the media technology and production industries in our region, and we are the home of media professionals, technologists and engineers.

METexpo 21 will run from 18 to 20 August 2021, covering technology, production, creative and management challenges in broadcasting (radio, television, podcasting and internet delivery), film, and production, along with topics that connect to the related, adjacent and consumer industries.  We take a broad approach because the next game-changer could be anywhere.   For METexpo 21, we want your ideas and thoughts.  We know you have ideas that need to be heard, and we can give you the audience.  We’re back at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Darling Harbour, Sydney, and we’re taking all the steps to ensure that an event will happen.  

The event

The program will feature individual sessions, panels, keynotes from thought leaders, and the exhibition and showcase.  Based on everything we know; we’re putting energy into planning a solid face-to-face event.  We have plans in place to cater for telepresence contribution.

Our delegates are the industry’s international technology thought leaders and decision makers, people who lead and drive the evolving motion-imaging and media industries.  And further, we have always attracted and catered to the practitioners, creatives and technologists who make the industry run.  You have a broad canvas to work with.

Your contribution

What do we want from you?  We’ve surveyed the market and created a suggested list of topics, but our crystal ball isn’t better than yours.  If you think there’s an audience for a topic outside the list, we’re listening.   The next few pages explain what we want, and how you can get involved and join us for METexpo21.

Yours Sincerely

Ian Fellows

Papers Chair, METexpo21

Some thought starters:
  • Has COVID-19 changed production forever, and how?
  • Will streaming services be the death of free to air?
  • Radio technology, production, transmission, and streaming
  • What does 5G enable – exciting horizon, or passing fad?
  • Software defined Media Infrastructure
  • Cyber security/Media Forensics and Blockchain
  • 4K vs HDR (more pixels, better pixels or both?)
  • Bridging and interfacing legacy and SMPTE 2110 environments
  • Remote and Distributed production workflows
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) in production workflow
  • Gaming and Esports innovation
  • DTC Streaming Solutions:  delivering the experience Direct To Consumer in broadcast quality
  • AMWA/NMOS standards:  where are they up to and what are the implications?
  • Pro AV & Event Production
  • Cinema sound, immersive audio, and how do these relate to the consumer?
  • What do the major cloud operators (eg: AWS, Microsoft, Google) offer the Media industry?

The Biz: how best to manage complex tech and cost models? 

We’re very much interested in the academic track, so research papers and papers from students are particularly welcome.

And, of course, SMPTE is an internationally recognized Standards Development Organisation.  We’re keenly interested in work you’re doing to develop new approaches that could or will lead to a Standard.

The SMPTE Journal

Here’s a bonus:  all papers and presentations accepted become eligible for consideration for the SMPTE Journal, a valued peer-reviewed publication used by researchers and academics.  If your proposal is accepted, you will be required to provide a suitable technical manuscript to accompany the final presentation material  (and we will help you with this).

Do it now!

Interested?  The first step is simple and quick  – an abstract is just an idea and a proposal.  Through EDAS, you can submit a topic heading, paper title, and a short synopsis (50-100 words).  If it’s relevant, tell us how you might want to deliver (presentation, panel, video clip, or technical demonstration), and provide a brief description of anything else important about the proposed paper’s content.  So we can schedule and consider, give us some keywords, provide name(s) of the author(s) and the details of the presenter:  name, title, company, mailing address, telephone, and e-mail address.  We need this information no later than 16th April 2021.  If your proposal is successful, we will brief you further on presentation and manuscript requirements.

How to submit

If you’re not already registered with EDAS:

1. Go to

2. Select “New User”

3. Fill in required information

4. Check “I consent to the EDAS Privacy Policies” box

5. Click on “Add This Person” Button

To Submit a Paper (if you’re registered now or in the past with EDAS):

1. go to

2. Log-in to EDAS (if required)

3. Enter the paper’s title

4. Add the author’s name

5. Enter the synopsis in the “Abstract” field

6. Press “Submit”

Proposed papers must be informational and must address technical theory, research, innovation, application, or practice specific to any of the evolving technologies associated with the media technology industry.

Three really important considerations apply:

  1. Ensure your submitted abstract is clear, concise and fully describes the subject matter that will be covered in the proposed presentation and required manuscript.
  2. We are looking for something new or expanding.  A repeat of a previously delivered paper won’t be accepted.

This is not a sales meeting, so product-specific, sales or promotional papers will not be considered.

Important Note:  Paper selection will be a two-stage process. The first stage will be an initial review and preselection of papers by the Program Committee, based on the submitted abstract and author details.  Authors will be notified no later than 18 May 2021 if their paper is under consideration. 

Stage two happens as and when your paper is accepted.  Selected authors will need to submit a short précis on their topic with an outline of the final paper. The précis and outline are due 4 June 2021

Final selection and notification to authors will be no later than 25 June 2021.

To ensure SMPTE has time to process papers for the conference, selected speakers must provide an electronic version of the final technical paper to SMPTE no later than 2 August 2021.  

Final manuscripts will be due no later than 9 August 2021.

To contact the Papers Committee, drop a line to