Executive Webcast:

What are the key trends driving our business today and their impact on tomorrow’s technology

Date: Friday 29th May 2020

Time: 6am in Sydney AEST, and 8am in New Zealand

What are the key trends for the media, broadcast, streaming and cinema industries? an intimate conversation with global technology leaders – with a business focus.

  • How has Coronavirus impacted us and what are there any long-term impacts?
  • Will 5G really make a difference or is it just another technology that won’t live up to the promise?
  • Are the practicalities of shifting production and distribution to the cloud resolved or is there still a way to go? 
  • For our industry professionals how are they adapting to the new disrupted world – the shift to IT skills rather than engineering and the role of standards in the streaming world?  

Guest Speakers

Jason Tuendemann

Jason Tuendemann is a senior technology leader with 20 years’ experience in media broadcast and IT spanning all areas including broadcast engineering, communications, technical operations, digital integration and software management. Focusing on technology alignment to the business and delivering results through technical innovation and change, Jason has worked extensively with cost reduction and efficiency-based projects, department structuring, business case development, large scale infrastructure deployments, operational workflow analysis and outsourcing in digital media environments. 

Tony Jones

Tony Jones has advanced the cutting edge of digital video technology for the past 30 years. Starting in R&D designing post-production digital video effects technology at Questech, he moved to digital transmission systems for satellite, cable, IPTV, and OTT, starting with DMV in 1996 and the through the evolution of DMV into NDS, Tandberg Television into Ericsson Media Solutions and finally MediaKind, he designed and developed in R&D a diverse base of the portfolio, from set-top box software, through professional receivers, contribution network equipment, and video compression encoders. Heading up the video encoder development group, he led the team developing cutting edge compression performance encoders for multiple standards and formats. As head of technology for the video compression business line, he worked on a wider remit, including developing extreme performance parallel processing chips specifically for the professional video encoder market. Latterly, as Principal Technologist reporting to the Chief Business Officer for MediaKind, he plays a key role defining core technology for the portfolio from video processing to TV platforms, most recently developing strategies for high dynamic range, cloud technology in the media space and end-to-end storage and ABR delivery optimization.

Doug Fantuzz

Doug Fantuzzi serves as EVP Global Product & Technology at Vubiquity. Doug’s expertise includes project execution and customer relationships, and he specializes in IMS, Operational Support Systems (OSS), OSS Mergers and Acquisition, Telecommunications Business Process.

Paul Whybrow

Paul Whybrow is a member of the SMPTE management board for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.   

Currently Paul leads two businesses in Sydney, Bodyboard Immersive Experiences: consulting, creating and sharing knowledge in the media and entertainment space. Varda Creative Leadership:  delivers creative thinking and education. He has recently been the secretary for the local VRAR Association. 

His extensive practical broadcast experience started with the BBC. He started in radio audio moved across to TV for production and promos.  Moving to Australia in 1995 he a promo producer for Network Seven years, built the short form video business for the publisher Fairfax and ran interactive TV for Foxtel.  

He has spent six years working for Cognizant Technology Services and Capgemini leading teams who business technology problems and provided some outsourced services, across media, entertainment and education sectors.