Blockchain and Smart Contracting in the Media Supply Chain

Wednesday 19th August (4pm AEST/6pm NZT)

Set to revolutionise the Media and Entertainment industry, Blockchain technology has been touted as a major disruptor in the way content is produced, aggregated, distributed and consumed.

Learn how Blockchain has the potential to increase profits for content creators and media companies and provide real-time consumption-based pricing.
This panel session will discuss how Blockchain’s secure and encrypted digital database, which is shared by all parties in a distributed network, can benefit content creators by empowering them to distribute their work direct to consumers.

We’ll also discus smart contracts built on a Blockchain and attached to Media, could add precision, speed and trust to the process by executing contract terms automatically among eligible parties.

Our panellists include Michelle Munson CEO and Founder at Eluvio, who are pioneering new software technologies to address major challenges in scalability, protection, and monetization of digital content.

We also have Tim Creswell, CEO at Buff Debs, Silver Trak Digital and Buff Productions. Silver Trak Digital provides content owners and media companies with media logistics and distribution services. Will they be impacted by Blockchain or will they be embracing it?

Join Paul Maroni, SMPTE board member and Group Sales and Marketing Manager at Magna Systems for an engaging conversation


Our next webcast will be on Wednesday 16th of September and will be tackling the very topical subject of how to deal with content and cyber security.

Looking forward to an engaging discussion and learning lots!

All the best

Paul Whybrow, Chairman
SMPTE Australia, New Zealand and Pacific