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So Much More Than A Show… An incredible line-up of speakers, sessions and expert industry training has been released.

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“Future of Media and Entertainment in the Cloud”
Wednesday, 17 July | 11am, Room A

Chris Bennett

The digital supply chain for media and entertainment content has in essence four distinct phases: content creation, content processing, content delivery, and content consumption. Each of these phases has a wide variety of service providers, technology platforms, weight of history and now a new set of essential challenges that together drive overall end-to-end system complexity. 

For years Dolby has focused on helping our customers deliver artistic intent to their audience, but today’s reality is that something like network performance can have more impact on the final experience than anything we have done with color spaces and sound fidelity. 

There’s no doubt about the sheer power and compelling nature of the forces that are driving significant experiments and even full service migrations to the cloud, but are we facing an entirely new complexity barrier that will get in the way of the experiences our customers demand? 

About Chris Bennett

Chris is responsible for the strategic narrative and investment framework that drives the vision for technology creation and innovation at Dolby Laboratories (NYSE:DLB).  He combines essential knowledge of the global ecosystems and industries the company serves with a deep awareness and world view of relevant R&D and industry trends. 

He is a curious, creative, big-picture thinker and an entrepreneur by nature. Chris was previously a global Vice President of R&D with teams in Poland, Germany, USA and Australia, worked in Venture Capital, and while in Silicon Valley in the nineties was a founder and executive in three venture-funded startups, all of which were acquired.

The IP Showcase makes its Australian Debut

METexpo Exhibition Hall 17 – 19 July

The IP Pavilion at Media + Entertainment Tech Expo  2019 (METexpo) will include the IP Showcase for the first time ever in Australia!  Sponsored by leading industry organisations  AIMS, IABM and SMPTE, the IP Showcase has been an important event at IBC, NAB and other shows around the world, offering demos and interops of the latest advances, along with educational theatre presentations, attracting standing-room only crowds.

Also on hand at the IP Pavilion, vendors will be showing some of the latest IP-enabled gear: systems that are powering the IP revolution, and addressing the needs of all users from television and film to pro AV, small facilities, and independent operations. Come see and hear about their latest ideas and visions that will be making our future.

The IP Showcase is located on the Exhibition floor, and access to presentations at the IP Showcase is included as part of your Exhibition entry pass.

Australia has led the world quickly moving to a standards-based IP-for-media future, and this is where you can to learn everything about it. Join us, from July 17 to 19, at ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour.

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