In a move to further support growth and innovation in the media, entertainment and technology industry, we are pleased to announce a new supporter of the 2019 event, The Studio.

The Studio is a not-for-profit organisation with a focus on supporting and fostering scalable startups, as well as those engaging with technology, to re-imagine business, products, services or hardware. Since opening their doors 1st March 2018, The Studio is now home to 135 residents, comprising of 38 startups. The Studio is supported by more than 20 local and global partners and sponsors, across technology, industry, business, education, and government.

As well as becoming an official supporter of the event, The Studio will have a presence on the exhibition floor to engage with the attendees, promote startups and showcase new ideas, innovations, and technology. 

The Vision

This move supports the Blueprint released in early November of last year, regarding the new vision for the 2019 event. This vision included initiatives such as the “Professional Development Corner” and “Education Connect”. Our “Professional Development Corner” is designed to be a hub of professional and career development resources, networking and advice. Meanwhile,  “Education Connect” allows for informative industry Floortalks on the exhibition floor to further provide a platform for greater thought-leadership and wider learning. 

Media + Entertainment Tech Expo (METexpo) event organisers Expertise Events, together with the Australia sector of the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and their partners, believe strongly in this industry and are passionate about supporting its growth and innovation for years to come. 

METexpo is the new name of SMPTE’s traditional biennial event and will be held from the 17-19 July 2019 at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour.

For more information about METexpo please contact Expertise Events 02 9452 7575 or contact or visit our website

For further information on The Studio please visit their website