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Two dynamic sessions on Tuesday 11 July at lunchtime and early evening.

Don’t be caught tongue-tied when you’re asked about IP, HDR, WCG or PTP! Join our free LIVE Webinars today (Tuesday) and get the scoop, presented by thought leaders who are expert in making tech topics easy to digest, in two sessions moderated by John Maizels, SMPTE17 Conference Co-Chair.

Conference high-focus items for technologists and creatives this year are:
  • impending migration from SDI to IP infrastructure, which is going to change the way we can use facilities and OBs, and
  • High Dynamic Range which brings new life to the user experience but provides significant challenges for creatives, engineers, and operators – especially in live TV.

To help you get the best from the SMPTE17 Conference and Exhibition, we’ve created two short and open sessions today  and secured four SMPTE17 international participants to provide insight – at times that suit Australian participants!!

Session 1: 11:15 AEST (Sydney) Tuesday morning
The before-lunch session:
Paul Briscoe    SDI to IP: what is essence, timing and synchronisation?
Pat Griffis     HDR: let “scene based metadata” just roll off your tongue
Session 2: 19:15 AEST (Sydney) Tuesday evening
The around-dinner session:
Matthew Goldman     Migrating to IP – a primer: learn the lingo

Klaus Weber       HDR workflow for live: TV is different to cinema

Which session should you attend? Join one webinar or both, and relax: the sessions assume no prior knowledge – in fact, that’s the whole point. And bring questions, because both session are LIVE.

We’ve picked our panelists to give four quite different views (find out who they are below), and timed the sessions to fit with the Asia-Pacific timezone. Our webcasts are open to all, no charge, and we expect questions!

There’s no catch – give us forty minutes of your time, and you’ll get some takeaways to help you get better value from SMPTE17 next week.

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About your presenters:

Paul Briscoe is an international Standards guru, and SMPTE Fellow. At CBC in Toronto he was one of the designers of the Toronto Broadcast Center, with particular focus on the plant routing system, computer graphics facilities and overall systemization and timing. He rose to be Principal Engineer for Leitch, and now provides system, technology, design and standards consultation to the ever-evolving media industry as a specialist in IP and Synchronisation for TV.

Patrick Griffis is VP Technology at Dolby Laboratories, charged with helping define future technology strategy, and supporting advanced technology initiatives. Pat has served two terms as President of the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society. He is a SMPTE Fellow and is Executive Vice President of SMPTE.

Klaus Weber is Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cameras with responsibilty for worldwide product marketing of the imaging products for Grass Valley, a Belden Brand. Klaus is author of technical papers, has more than 34 years of industry experience, and has spent the last 22 years focused on development of Grass Valley cameras.

Matthew Goldman is Senior Vice President Technology, TV & Media, at Ericsson,and has been developing DTV systems since 1992. As part of the Moving Picture Experts Group, he helped create the MPEG-2 Systems standard, and four of his projects have been recognized by Technical Emmy Awards. Mr. Goldman is a SMPTE Fellow and is currently serving as SMPTE President.

John Maizels runs Entropy Enterprises and combines life as a Broadcast Engineer and technologist in television and radio, with that of presenter, technical writer, sound editor, author, and Technical Director/Technical Producer. John is highly active in development of education and training for technologists. He is a SMPTE Fellow, serves on the SMPTE Board as Governor for Asia-Pacific Region, and is Conference Co-Chair for SMPTE17.