Student Video Crew SMPTE 2013If you’re a fulltime student in secondary (High School) or tertiary (TAFE, University or private college), and interested in technology or creative aspects of the Motion Imaging industry, you can join SMPTE for FREE in the first year, and only $10 per year after that. Compare to the price of full membership, and it’s a bargain.

teacher-holding-books_smallflipWhat do you get? As a student member of SMPTE, you get all the perks that full members get – except you can’t vote in SMPTE elections. What you do get is the Motion Imaging Journal, direct invitations to all SMPTE Section Meetings, access to a worldwide team of contacts, reduced price entry to conferences, participation in all our activities, and much, much more. We’ll help you connect with a Student Chapter and advisors.

And you get a neat blue SMPTE badge of your own!!

Find out all about Student Membership on the website.

When you’re ready (how about now?) and if you’re a first-timer click here to go to the student membership challenge page and join for free. Or if you’ve been a student member before and want to rejoin/renew, go here for all the info.  Student membership is only $10!!

More about students and SMPTE:  right here.  Go ahead and click.  You know you want to.