IMG_4524The final day of SMPTE15 started with one of the coldest, wettest days in memory – but that didn’t stop or dampen attendees from taking a last look and doing a final deal.  IMG_4528 IMG_4532

There was lots to see.  The exhibition spread between the Hordern Pavilion and the Royal Hall of Industries.  IMG_4525Running the event in the Moore Park precinct provided an opportunity for outdoor exhibits, and the crossover area was packed.  Special attraction was the Drone Pavilion, and OB equipment displays.

IMG_4531SMPTE15 is the start of SMPTE’s 100 year Birthday celebration.  We’ll have some 100 year pins to give away, and special release centenary mugs at future meetings.

IMG_4529Meanwhile, watch this space for photos of the gig.