2015April_J_coverThe April 2015 issue of the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal should have reached Australian shores around 27 April.  Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that a printing oops has left some copies of the Journal with repeated and missing pages.  Check to see if your April edition of the Motion Imaging Journal has two sets of page 1-8.  If it does, then it’s probably also missing pages 9-16 and the equivalent sheets at the back.  So it’s not quite the full read, and you’ll miss a couple of interesting articles (including half the article for which the enclosed 3D glasses are provided).

If you’ve received an affected copy of the Journal, please help: click here to send a note to Dianne Purrier (Managing Editor of the Journal).  Dianne has committed to making things right, once she knows how big the problem is.

By the way, SMPTE members can read the Journal online and even download sections or the full version in pdf form.  Sign in to your SMPTE ID at www.smpte.org (via the “My Account” click) and then navigate to Publications / Motion Imaging Journal and finally click on the picture of the current issue.    Or just click here.

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