Each year SMPTE seeks candidates to run for positions on your Section Board.

Four Section Manager positions, Section Secretary/Treasurer and Section Chair are to be elected this year, and voting will commence towards the end of March.

Being an active member of a SMPTE Section Board is a great way to contribute to the Society, connect with the local industry, and potentially enhance your career.

When you participate in the operations of a Section, you

  • help to plan and run Section events
  • promote the value of the Society and, through that, drive membership takeup 
  • develop your skills and contacts to help the Society’s work 
  • operate as part of an industry team
  • attend SMPTE15 at no charge (but OK, we’ll ask you to help run SMPTE15 too).

Current and previous Section officers will tell you that being a part of the Section governance process has helped them develop and strengthen management and operational skills, learn and/or practice planning, legal and financial skills, and develop a wide range of local and international contacts.

You can read more about how the Society operates works through the Policies and Governance pages of the society’s website.  The Operations Manual (OM) which covers Section activities is the Membership OM.

Section Elections are almost upon us.  If you think you might be interested in helping the Australia Section as a Section Officer, contact Ian Fellows, Immediate Past Chair of the Australia Section who is responsible for this year’s Section Nominating Committee.