The SMPTE13 Conference and Exhibition will be held from 23-26 July 2013 at the Sydney Convention and Exhbition Centre, and this year’s theme focuses on an area of huge technology disruption.    At a time when media delivery is undergoing a major shift away from the traditional Sunday Night Movie model of television watching, the technology and techniques for getting content to the user have never been more varied, outcomes less certain, and frontiers more exciting.

SMPTE13: Delivering the Personalised Content Experience brings these challenges front and centre: how do we manage the technology which underpins content, business models, devices and supports the social shifts of media users?   We can also see platform changes which will result from  developments in areas as disparate as  AVB and  UltraHighDefinition Television (in 4k and 8k variants).   Technology will be used to drive new business models as consumers gain access to the capacity liberated by by the Digital Dividend, and ubiquitous fat pipes delivered by the National Broadband Network.

All-up, a very exciting time.   If you have a story to tell, we’d like to hear it.

We  have been approached by a number of authors who missed the original deadline for submission of papers and have asked for an extension.  Did you get your submission in?    We are pleased to advise that we will still accept submissions until 25 April, to allow contribution by those who have been tied up in preparation and attendance of the NAB Show.

This is your last opportunity to engage with the industry at its premier event until 2015 – please take advantage of it.

You can lodge your proposal via the conference tool at the EDAS SMPTE13 page – and note that if this is your first time use of EDAS, you will need to create a user account.  Registration with EDAS is quick, simple, painless and free!

For more information about the conference including ideas regarding topics of interest, visit the SMPTE13 conference page.  

We’re listening, and your audience awaits.

For further information contact the papers CoChairs: