Audio/Visual information for presenters

The new Sydney International Convention Centre has some very good audio visual facilities in the rooms that we will be using. Here’s what to expect:

In summary:

  • Each room has a 72″ screen on the wall. Room A (E5.4) also has a much larger projection screen
  • The quality of image is excellent on both devices, with very good colour rendition and almost perfect greyscale.
  • However neither device in E5.4 appears to support HDR
  • You may use the PC built into the lectern (a NUC), and play back a ppt/pptx file from a USB stick
    • The NUC is virus protected, and is connected to the external network
  • There is a pullout table on the lectern for a Bring Your Own device
  • A BYOD may be connected to the A/V system via
    • HDMI, in which case audio is extracted from the HDMI connection.   We have tested HDMI via a mini-Displayport adaptor and that’s fine
    • VGA, in which case audio is fed via a 3.5″ plug.
  • We will have access to a range of radio mic options, and there is a microphone at the lectern
  • The lectern has touch control of the room facilities and input selection.  There is also a small screen in the lectern which mimics what is being displayed on the main screen

We have tested video to 1920×1080 via HDMI and VGA and both worked excellently.  However we strongly suggest that any BYOD should be tested before the presentation to ensure that EDID mapping does not create strange results.

We have also observed that Win 10 drivers have incorrectly applied scaling factor to a PC output, leading to poor resolution and blurred lines.  Setting the scaling back from 1:1 (or 100%) addresses that.

Special requirements

We have not been made aware of any specific requirements other than HDR, and that presenter has plan to bring in a capable monitor.  If you have unusual requirements, please contact our A/V chair John Lock immediately.