SMPTE17 presenter PPT template

This page gives instructions for how to download and insert Version 2A of the SMPTE17 PowerPoint template, available from the SMPTE Australia website here.

Download the .potx file to a directory of your choice.

If you are only starting to build your ppt, just doubleclick the template and go from there.   It contains a wide range of pre-formatted layouts, which can be inserted using Ctrl-M, and then select a specific layout from the home/layout dropdown

To swap this template into an existing presentation

  1. Open the presentation
  2. Go to the Design tab
  3. To the right of the set of visible templates (probably just to the left of the Effects button) click the down arrow.  This is the “more” button that is referenced in the help, but which doesn’t identify as such on the dialogue.
  4. Click on “Browse for Themes…”
  5. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the template, and Apply it.

The SMPTE17 template will replace your existing template.   If you used an unmodified master, all should be well.   If you modified a template master, then some remnants of the modification might still be visible or overlay the new template.

If that’s the case, go to view/slide master and on the master slide look for the incorrect elements.  Highlight and delete them, then close the master view to return to the template.

Note:  there might be one more revision of the template before SMPTE17.  If you have used the SMPTE17 V2A template as the basis for your presentation, then any improvements or changes to the template will not negatively impact your content.

To set the slide deck footer

The template is set with minimal defaults.   To change the footer, click the Insert tab, and then one of the appropriate buttons in the text group (header & footer,  date & time, slide number).   This opens the settings dialogue at the option you’ve selected.  However you may change all options on the dialogue.  Note that date and time might default or reset to US format.  Please check that, and change it to English (Australia) – the selections un-grey when you navigate towards them.

Still stuck?

Contact either your Session Chair directly, or the Conference Chairs via EDAS, if the template is giving you grief.