SMPTE17 Presenter FAQ

Where is the updated version of the SMPTE17 conference program?  The latest version is always in EDAS and can be viewed here.

What is the form of the conference?   SMPTE conferences are generally about (or skewed towards) science, technology and development.   Papers are therefore expected to take a subject and give the audience an understanding of one or more specific developments in a field related to Television and Film technology.  The Australia conference has always broadened that aim a little, consistent with the audience that we expect to participate.  We have always fostered discussions which include business, production and case-study-related topics.  The conference (and exhibition) also includes and supports the adjacent segments of Radio and Digital Media.

In summary:  research is good;  development of a hypothesis is good;  discussion and analysis of situations is good.

What is an example of a good paper?   Your best reference is the SMPTE Journal, in which some of the best conference papers have been published.   SMPTE conference-goers are interested in how things work, technical facts, ways to improve operations, and practical results.   If your paper (and presentation) contains some of those elements, it’s likely to get good attention.

Is it OK to mention product?   In general, product mention  is completely acceptable where it supports a case study, or contributes to understanding.   The most important consideration is that this is not a sales or marketing conference, so discussion of product should be restricted to illustration of core messages in the presentation.   As soon as the product becomes the presentation you have moved beyond the territory for this conference.  Competitive and pricing information is right out of bounds.

Your session chairs and/or paper reviewers will help you to ensure that the presentation meets these guidelines.

Do you need to write a formal paper?  Ideally yes.   Technical and industry developments are the lifeblood of SMPTE, and we are always looking for material to publish in the SMPTE Journal, a cited scholarly publication.   By convention, any paper that is presented at a SMPTE conference is also automatically submitted to the peer-review process for publication consideration.    If you don’t submit a formal paper, then there is nothing to review but we still would like your slide pack in advance so your session chair may prepare for their session.

Is preparation of a paper worth the effort?   Experience shows that material published in the Journal assists with industry education and raises awareness of the speaker’s/company’s expertise.

We understand that pressures of business or time may get in the way of preparation of a formal paper, and you should discuss that with your Session Chair.  We do however expect you to develop some form of formal presentation which can be published as part of the Proceedings for SMPTE17.

Where do I find the template for a SMPTE17 paper?  You can download a MS Word .dotx template here.

(updated) Where do I find the powerpoint template for a SMPTE17 paper?  The SMPTE17 MS PowerPoint .pptx template can be downloaded  here.

What sort of presentation should I do?  Whether or not you deliver a formal paper, we do expect something to publish.  We don’t stipulate anything about the format of the presentation (PowerPoint, flipcharts, movies, overhead transparencies, and holographic recreations are all OK).  The only things that are really important about the presentation is that it should communicate with your audience, and support the points that you want to get across.

With whom should I review my presentation?  We expect that you will review the presentation with your Session Chair well ahead of the presentation date.

What audio-visual facilities are available?   What format should the presentation be?     The International Convention Centre rooms have PA, screens and audio visual aids as standard.  You may assume that any device which will output VGA or HDMI will work.  The screens are 16×9 and 1080×1920 compatible.

If you have special presentation requirements, please contact the Session Chair for your session or the Conference Chairs.

What happens if my travel plans change or I can’t present on the day?  Please tell the conference Chairs through EDAS immediately.   We will do what we can to help, and to ensure that delegates aren’t disappointed.

Can I bring colleagues to the session?   Yes, we have a long-standing process which allows a limited number of colleagues to assist you and sit in.  However we expect that your customers will be delegates.

Where should papers be lodged?  EDAS provides the upload point.   In the entry for your paper, click the cloud symbol next to “review manuscript”, and upload the paper via the dialogue.  While you are reviewing the paper with your Session Chair you can also send versions directly – but it’s a good idea to have a copy lodged electronically inside EDAS in case of unforeseen problems.   The final version should be lodged in EDAS ahead of the conference.

Where can I find information about the venue?   The International Convention Centre Sydney is a brand new facility, and SMPTE17 is one of the first major events to be staged there.  The Visit ICC Sydney site is very helpful.

Is there internet access at the venue?   Yes.  The ICC has fast public free WIFI.