Power outlets and power in Australia

Our forefathers observed that Australia is a big country with long power runs and people who are hard to shock.   Both are still true.  For this reason, power reticulation was chosen to be higher voltage/lower current.  And the philosophy works:  it is uncommon in Australia to see lights dim just because a clothes iron or electric kettle is turned on.  Check out this bit of fascinating history re differing power standards.

Australia uses nominally 240V 50Hz supplies, electricity-tiles-type-I-200-pxwell within the switchmode-friendly zone.  Power points in Australia are polarised with an earth pin, and generally with a switch.   The arrangement of the plug conforms to international standard type “I”.

Adaptors which accept other plugs and have Australia-format pins are relatively common, and can be purchased at travel stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, and many convenience shops.   Paddy’s market in the city is a good source of cheap adaptors which will work about as well as cheap adaptors do.

In case you think that we’re weird in selecting a non-standard plug (whatever that means) consider that we share the connector with New Zealand, Fiji, Argentina, China and a heap of little Pacific countries.  Your .tv domain might well run on Type I sockets if the server is located where the TLD is housed.

Little known fact:  the Type I arrangement was designed by Hubbell for US use, but never taken up there.  You can read about that here.