TC Sydney 2015: Accommodation and Housing

Hotel list for TC and SMPTE15

General list of hotels negotiated for the TC period is here, and for the SMPTE15 period is here.  These hotels are almost all in the CBD area of Sydney (Bondi Junction and Coogee are in the other direction).

Many of the hotels are located very close to bus routes which will take you to and from Randwick.

You need to be aware that this is a bit like booking in Amsterdam: there are NO hotels adjacent to the conference location, and the conference location IS NOT in the CBD or anywhere near Darling Harbour.  You could walk here from there, but it’s a long walk.

Recommendation:  check maps, carefully.  Or ask.

Further recommendation:  don’t bother renting a car unless you’ve REALLY thought it through.   It probably won’t be useful or helpful, but it will be expensive: another similarity to Amsterdam.   Weekend rental is a different matter.

Very near by…

The closest accommodation to Randwick TAFE is the Waldorf Apartments, a group of serviced apartments interleaved with owner-occupied and tenanted apartments in a larger complex.  You can see the availability of Walforf during the SMPTE period here.   We have negotiated a block rate using the code SMPTE.   At the moment the block rate seems to be no different to the standard rate, but we do have protection against price rises and booking shortages.   The Waldorf has 15 one bedroom apartments, and 8 two bedroom apartments.

The downside:  it’s serviced apartments, not a hotel; there is no maid service or front desk.  And it’s on a main road.  The upside:  the Waldorf is a couple of minutes walk to TAFE and many bus routes, and 25 minutes walk to the Conference.  The Waldorf is on Alison Road opposite Randwick Racecourse, and some of the rooms have nice views across the racecourse.   Most of the single bedroom apartments are on the side of the building away from the road (which is a plus) and traffic is light at night (a bigger plus) .