TC Sydney 2015 Block Meeting home page

Congratulations: you’ve found the home page for the TC Block Meetings which will run in Sydney from 7-10 July 2015.

If you’ve never participated in the Technical Committee process, and you want to know how to get started, check this article for some background.  This especially applies if you would like to attend as a guest.  Observers are welcome, but you must register first.

If you have not been to a Standards Committee meeting in Sydney (there have been two) then it would be worth reading the blog notes from the 2011 meetings (who can forget??!!)   The 2011 Dayzine is full of useful information, hints and tips about culture, Sydney and Australia.

If you’re attending from out of town and you need to know something about local arrangements, check the following list or drop a note to the local arrangements chair if you have a question that hasn’t been answered (or if you have a suggestion for an FAQ response).

Must-do before leaving home

Please purchase a meal ticket for each day that you will be attending and you will be well looked after.   If you don’t purchase a ticket… well, we know who you are.

Meeting schedule

And then… important TC delegate information

Getting there (half the fun)


Local knowledge

Your spare time

Other things

  • Deals for phone and data (or, at least, where to look)
  • Some hints on how to speak Australian like a native – see the Dayzine
  • What and where you might eat
  • How to find your way round Sydney by public transport
  • Whether or not you’d want to rent a car, and how best to do that
  • What NOT to do if you want to stay alive
  • and much much more

In case you’re impatient, if this is your first time coming to Australia read the Dayzines from the 2011 Sydney TC Meeting.   Although the Dayzines are a bit CBD-centric, much of the local flavour still applies.

Let’s start with the map:


Randwick, Moore Park and surrounds

Randwick TAFE (area circled in purple) is opposite Randwick Racecourse, adjacent to Centennial Park, a short walk from shops and restaurants, across the road from more than 10 bus routes, and about 10 minutes by car from the CBD.  Maybe 15 minutes.

The Moore Park Entertainment Quarter precinct (area circled in red) is built on site of the former Royal Agricultural Society Showground (think “State Fair” on a much bigger scale).   The first SMPTE Australia Events were held within a few metres of where the conference will be this year.  SMPTE15 will be held in the Hordern Pavilion, and the adjacent Royal Hall of Industries.

Not far from the EQ is Fox Studios, a (now) separate area built on the other half of the former Showground.   Many of the largest exhibition pavilions were turned into sound stages, and business premises, studios and related  support infrastructure developed on site.

A short walk from the conference location is the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), which will be home to Australian Rules Football matches while you’re in town (it’s winter… we play cricket in summer), and Allianz Stadium which will be home to Rugby League Football.

There are several highly respectable golf courses within a few minutes of Randwick (including a public course to which you could walk in 15 minutes).

The  bigger picture – where we are in Sydney

Central Sydney

Central Sydney