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Test pattern page

What’s here? This page will be updated from time with files and streams that might be useful.   Starting with:  if it’s SMPTE, there should be… Bars Recorded in the CSU truck at SMPTE13, and expected to be reference bars/1kHz…

Was your April Journal missing some pages?


If your April SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal has pages missing or duplicated (you know this because you read it from cover to cover, right?) then you might have one of the faulty copies that escaped from the printer. Find out what to do about it.

SMPTE’s Wiki Needs YOU!

Ever wish there was a list of terms and definitions that pertained specifically to the areas that SMPTE covers? Well, not only has SMPTE started one, but your help is needed to expand it. That’s right, there is a SMPTE…

2009 SMPTE PDA Recordings

The 2009 SMPTE PDA Now calendar contained some extraordinary sessions! SMPTE hopes you were able to participate in the live events! If your schedule caused you to miss a session or two, you can always view archived recordings by logging…