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Experience the next generation of colour: Rec. 2020


So you’ve got used to HDTV and Rec. 709 colour, and you thought it was the bee’s knees, and so much better than standard def? And how much better was Digital Cinema and the P3 colour volume? Yep, heaps. But now: WHAMMO – Rec. 2020 has come along, and will completely blow you out of the water. You need to see it for your self. Really…

2015 XMAS Bash


Christmas Bash on again – ho ho ho. Tip: if you have registered, then all the details are available through Eventbrite. We’ve also updated the menu, and it’s a corker. So now just work out how to get to the Treehouse in North Sydney. Read all about it…

What’s happening at the SMPTE15 Conference?


“Persistence of vision” is more than just a play on words. In our 100th year, SMPTE is looking forward to looking back.

The Australia SMPTE15 event kicks off SMPTE’s global celebrations, and David Wheeler’s conference team took up the gauntlet to create a new-look event that is both reflective and forward-looking.

Relive the Ealing memories


So often, people who couldn’t attend a meeting ask the question: why didn’t you record that, so that we can watch it later? Guess what: we did just that!

Here’s a chance to catch up with a meeting you might have missed (or would like to relive), as we recall the BBC’s glory days at Ealing Studios.

July 2015 SMPTE Technical Committee meetings at Randwick TAFE
How it played…


The TC meetings are over now, but they were eventful and productive. So who gets to attend, and how do the meetings work? We get this question a lot. The standards community is made up from participants who have registered and contributed to the standards development work, and probably paid a participation fee. But if you’re an interested person and would like to watch (a bit like Question Time in Parliament) what do you do? Simple: apply. Find out more by reading this article.

Section Meeting: Post-NAB Bash Wednesday 1 June

Come join fellow industry colleagues for a close and personal update on what tantalised the media centric technogeek and the broadcast electrodork.

**** UPDATE **** Revised 6.00pm start time due to State of Origin game. Check out main story for local parking details