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WILDSCOPE Cinema at the Zoo – Tuesday 4 April

Taronga Zoo has invested in an amazing new theatre featuring a plethora of world firsts: 5:1 screen, 5.4k resolution and a new production that will blow your socks off. SMPTE Members; come and see it at a special guild/society night with the production team who created the format. But be quick – it’s this Tuesday and you need to register by Monday morning….

SMPTE Australia Section – Election Results

Thank you to all those section members who voted in the recent SMPTE Australia Section elections. Firstly, a big thank you to Peter Stavrianos (Stav) and Kathy-Anne McManus (KAM) for their contribution to the SMPTE Australia Section board. It’s not…

2017 Section Meeting plan: save the dates, watch this space

The Australia Section has plenty of activity planned for this year: 26 April, 17 May, and June all in train. Grab your diary, and log these dates before you miss out… and if you’re not on our mailing list (because you’re not a member. no longer a member or you haven’t registered) sign up now to stay in touch. The magenta signup button is on every page or click through to this story to find it.

Geoff Healy – SMPTE Fellow – receives OAM in 2017

The Australia Section of SMPTE salutes a life Fellow og the SMPTE: Geoff Healy has been awarded an OAM in the 2017 Australia Day Honours list. Geoff will be well known to many of you from his time at Seven Network, as the man who headed up SOBO for the Sydney Olympics, and the dad who innovated Racecam…

Your first year of SMPTE Student Membership is FREE!!

Student Video Crew SMPTE 2013

If you’re a student at any level, then we’re interested in you and helping with your career in Motion Imaging. That starts with making annual membership of SMPTE free for the first year, and less than the price of a burger meal after that. Why? Because we think your career choice is important, and we can help. Here’s what you get, and how to sign up.

3 & 5 October Section Meetings – IP Media Infrastructure workshop

SMPTE Australia Section in conjunction with Studiotech Australia is pleased to be hosting for members and guests, IP Media Infrastructure Workshops in both Sydney and Melbourne.

As part of SMPTE’s ongoing commitment to education and training, these workshops will dispel the confusion surrounding the various IP formats and standards, interoperability, data throughput and data management concerns for use in a Broadcast and Media production IP environment.

Sydney Section Meeting is sold out!!! – ***SMPTE MEMBERS ONLY***

Hashtag dressgate:
what do we know about colour?

#dressgate: white/gold or black/blue?

On 26 Feb 2015 the twittersphere went berserk over… the colours of a dress. What the??? Fistfights and relationship breakups revolved around whether the garment was black/blue, or gold/white! But hang on – isn’t this is what every CCU op and colourist has to deal with, and the viewers understand not…

23 August SMPTE Section Meeting – An illuminating night with Rosco

SMPTE Australia section welcomes members and guests to an illuminating evening with Rosco

Tom Swartz, Director for Market Development in A/NZ will be taking you through some of the latest developments in light control systems, backdrops, digital compositing/scenic paints and other light control related tools for television and film production.

Telstra Broadcast Services SMPTE Section Meeting


What a great turn out for the Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) pre-launch visit of its Broadcast Operations Centre (BOC) for SMPTE members and guests. The modest sized room adjoining the control room was at capacity with people outside the door trying to get a glimpse of the monitor and listening intently to Paul Suter’s every word.