Author: John Maizels

Memories of SMPTE17

We watched for a year as the 2017 SMPTE event approached. Then the week went by in a flash. But some things remain, and the twin focus on High Dynamic Range and IP conversion resonated with Conference attendees and Exhibition-goers alike. Check out the pix and see what you missed…

Special Webinars – free to attend!!

Places still available: today, Tuesday 11 July, we’re running two special Webinars to give you a taste of what’s coming up next week at SMPTE17. Join our panel of distinguished experts for two views on what’s happening in the world of HDR, and what it takes to transition from SDI to IP.

WILDSCOPE Cinema at the Zoo – Tuesday 4 April

Taronga Zoo has invested in an amazing new theatre featuring a plethora of world firsts: 5:1 screen, 5.4k resolution and a new production that will blow your socks off. SMPTE Members; come and see it at a special guild/society night with the production team who created the format. But be quick – it’s this Tuesday and you need to register by Monday morning….

2017 Section Meeting plan: save the dates, watch this space

The Australia Section has plenty of activity planned for this year: 26 April, 17 May, and June all in train. Grab your diary, and log these dates before you miss out… and if you’re not on our mailing list (because you’re not a member. no longer a member or you haven’t registered) sign up now to stay in touch. The magenta signup button is on every page or click through to this story to find it.

Geoff Healy – SMPTE Fellow – receives OAM in 2017

The Australia Section of SMPTE salutes a life Fellow og the SMPTE: Geoff Healy has been awarded an OAM in the 2017 Australia Day Honours list. Geoff will be well known to many of you from his time at Seven Network, as the man who headed up SOBO for the Sydney Olympics, and the dad who innovated Racecam…

Are you looking for a new challenge?


AFTRS is seeking to fill the position of General Manager, Technology, and applications are open until 23 January. If you think you might be the person for the job, check out the classified ad here.   Full details on the…

Hashtag dressgate:
what do we know about colour?

#dressgate: white/gold or black/blue?

On 26 Feb 2015 the twittersphere went berserk over… the colours of a dress. What the??? Fistfights and relationship breakups revolved around whether the garment was black/blue, or gold/white! But hang on – isn’t this is what every CCU op and colourist has to deal with, and the viewers understand not…

Experience the next generation of colour: Rec. 2020


So you’ve got used to HDTV and Rec. 709 colour, and you thought it was the bee’s knees, and so much better than standard def? And how much better was Digital Cinema and the P3 colour volume? Yep, heaps. But now: WHAMMO – Rec. 2020 has come along, and will completely blow you out of the water. You need to see it for your self. Really…

2015 XMAS Bash


Christmas Bash on again – ho ho ho. Tip: if you have registered, then all the details are available through Eventbrite. We’ve also updated the menu, and it’s a corker. So now just work out how to get to the Treehouse in North Sydney. Read all about it…

November Section Meeting: Chief Entertainment


Our November Section Meeting will be held from on Wednesday 18 November at the breezy new Artarmon studios of Chief Entertainment (1800 for 1830, finish around 2200). Registration has now closed, and the event is a sellout!! Details of the event are on your Eventbrite registration, or check the story here…