We’ve all heard the myth that the Australian broadcast manufacturing industry has collapsed.  At SMPTE13, that was thoroughly debunked with solid displays of locally engineered TV offerings from BlackMagicDesign, Atomos and others.   Over on the Innescorp stand, radio R&D was represented by an updated series of Innes’ locally designed and produced audio cards, a new Flashlog that can record every station in Australia at once, and several clever product releases from Tieline.

In the best tradition of OBs, we threw to the floor of SMPTE13 and reported from the Innescorp stand in this segment from “A Girl and a Gun – Live”.  Watch it here.

“A Girl and a Gun” is produced regularly in the Studios of the Sydney Institute film academy at Randwick TAFE as an integral component of multicam and studio training.  The 26 June episode came live from the Student Video Project studios at SMPTE13, with a combined crew from Charles Sturt University, JMC Academy and SIfa and the full resources of the CSU OB truck.  They delivered 75 minutes of extreme TV, that you can see here.