SMPTE is conducting an important worldwide survey, and we are reaching out to all television broadcasters and TV equipment manufacturers to obtain as much information as possible. This survey is NOT restricted to SMPTE members so, if you have any close contacts in the business who might not receive this message, please feel free to forward the invitation to them.
Users of vertical ancillary space (VANC) data (TV stations, networks, studios, other facilities) and also manufacturers of associated equipment are requested to take part in an industry survey regarding the location of data packets carried in the VANC space of serial digital video signals. This involves data such as AFD/Bar Data (for aspect ratio control), closed captions, time code, program description, audio metadata, film transfer data, and many others.
SMPTE has an initiative to harmonize the use of VANC data, to reduce problems with implementation. Please contribute to this important activity by completing the on-line survey at:
If collecting and collating the information is complex you may wish to print the appropriate survey page (user or manufacturer) and assemble the data before completing the survey online.
Many thanks to those who already responded; to ensure that our data is as complete as possible we have extended the survey, and it will now remain open until January 10, 2010.